5 Reasons Preventing Weight Loss by Canadian Health and Care Mall

1. Unbearable Number of Limitations

Many people believe – to reduce weight, it is necessary to almost stop eating. Doctors, agreeing with necessity to reduce ration, understand diet also as a certain selection of products (not their complete elimination) and correct meals regimen.

Experience of nutritionists convinces: it is very difficult to move from usual amount of food to a smaller – this is the reason of many failed attempts. It is necessary to approach the matter realistically and make adjustments gradually: with usual volume to reduce calories. Abrupt transition to mono-diet (watermelon, grapefruit or any other) on the third day already may cause attention and ability to think clearly disruption.

And, on the other hand, we all know that almost no diet gives result, we look forward. So maybe solve question of nutrition in a new way, enjoying every bite of food, enjoying sweets?weight loss with Canadian Health&Care Mall

2. Reduced Number of Meals

Reduced number of meals leads to severe feeling of hunger. As a result, when eating, a person consumes a much larger quantity than his body requires, and for two meals eats more than for five.

Besides the fact that you can gain back calories, your body during large interval between meals, just in case, will slow down metabolism. And with slow metabolism, do you think you will lose weight?

So, on the contrary, try to eat more often, but small portions. Do not allow yourself to relapse. Enjoy the fact that you do not starve and lose weight. Moreover, small – does not mean miserable. And if properly calculate calories per day, quantity of food can be much larger than you can imagine.

3. Diet Exacerbates Diseases

Without consulting a nutritionist, a man appoints himself dietary restrictions, without taking into account his diseases, and eventually gets worsening.

Fresh vegetables – main component of many diets – are poorly tolerated at gastritis, gastric ulcer and pancreatitis. In people who almost do not consume fat, content of not only «harmful» cholesterol decreases in blood, but also its useful forms that protect blood vessels from atherosclerosis.

According to Canadian Health and Care Mall studies, periodic attempts to lose weight lead to dysfunction of immune system: reducing number of the so-called natural killer cells – blood cells responsible for destruction of microbes entering the body. At the same time, the more often people attempt to lose weight (every few weeks), the lesser quantity of these protective cells remain in blood. After all, it is important not just to lose weight, but stay healthy, beautiful and slim for many years.

4. Weight Stopped Decreasing – it’s Time to Cease

Typically, during the first week or two there is a most significant weight reduction, and then a person can lose only 200 – 500 g per week. After initial success it seems almost a failure.

But nutritionists strongly against speed. Nervous system and brain need food. Far better and safer for future is gradual weight reduction – not more than 5 – 6 kg per month.

So do not give up what you’ve started. After some rest continue to lose weight with as fast as comfortable for your body. Gradually you will become the same as in you dreams.

5. Lack of Physical Activity

Usually, when keeping to a diet, all people concentrate on food and forget about physical exercises. Meanwhile, calories that enter the body, albeit in lesser quantity, still have to be burnt, and they are burnt during exercises. Dosed exercise strongly contribute to the fact that adipose tissue is actively replaced by muscle tissue.

And Canadian Pharmacy Mall experts draw your attention to the fact that physical activity is not necessarily gym. There are many opportunities to move around. Ideally, you must try to find regimen, which may be followed continuously, not considering it a diet and without spending on its compliance your nerves.

In general, Canadian Health and Care Mall research shows that 75% of women consider themselves fat, but in reality diet is necessary for only 25%.

And if you decide to lose weight with Canadian HealthCare Mall – do not give up. Simply find your way to harmony.


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