Acne is Not a Sentence

Acne is familiar to many people. Someone faced this problem as a teenager, and someone is suffering after many years. This ugly disease with a beautiful name has caused a huge number of complexes and worries. However, despair is not an option, especially since there are enough reliable means by Canadian Health and Care Mall to help to defeat the illness.

Know Your Enemy

According to ancient legend, in Crete a priestess Acne lived, whose face was covered with red spots and scars. Her doctor has first described disease symptoms and named it after the patient.

As a rule, boys and girls suffer from acne during puberty. At this time there is enhanced production of hormones in the body, particularly testosterone, which is immediately reflected on skin. Sebaceous glands begin to actively produce sebum, which clogs sebaceous channels and a black spot appears – comedone. If to this a secondary infection (staphylococcus or streptococcus) is added, there is an inflammation and a red and then festering pimple.

Canadian Health&Care Mall skin care

The most problematic are considered face, chest and back – those areas where there is the greatest number of sebaceous glands.

Start Treatment on Time

In most cases, compliance with simple rules of hygiene and minimal therapeutic measures is enough to prevent acne on your face. The main thing at the first red spots is to immediately consult a doctor. The sooner you do it, the more effective the treatment will be. However, you can quite successfully fight with annoying pimples on your own using Canadian Pharmacy Mall means for skin care.

No Holds Barred

First – it is proper nutrition. Eliminate smoked, fried and sweet, fatty and fast food. On your table there should be steamed lean meats, fish, cheese, cereals and vegetables, and for dessert – fruits.

Second – proper skin care. Do not pop pimples, wash your face twice a day with special cleaners or anti-bacterial soap, but do not overdry your skin. Even oily skin can be dehydrated, so to moisturizing agents – «yes», to oily ones – categorical «no». Use makeup that says «non-comedogenic», which means it does not clog sebaceous glands, and does not cause formation of comedones.

There is a number of Canadian Health and Care Mall means that effectively fight with acne. For example, antiseptic means which help with purulent inflammatory diseases, folliculitis, abscesses, furunculus, carbuncles. Like any other means, they should be applied to thoroughly cleansed skin, directly on the inflamed area 1 – 2 times a day.

All these measures will help to prevent appearance of new pimples and significantly reduce duration of treatment, and in some cases even save you from medical intervention.

Let acne remain only a beautiful word your life, not threatening your beauty.


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