Generic Viagra Professional

What is generic Viagra Professional (Sildenafil)? It is a powerful drug of new generation that help men get rid of erectile dysfunction. Stimulating natural blood flow, generic Viagra Professional provides a strong and lasting result, making penis hard for first-class sex.

Generic Viagra Professional can be called the next generation of Viagra. This drug has a carefully thought-out composition and passed all necessary clinical tests. Improved active ingredient Sildenafil restores sexual activity, adding energy and strength. Be sure, generic Viagra Professional will make a positive contribution to your personal life, in general.

Unfortunately, in our days erectile dysfunction is a fairly common problem, and it arises for several reasons. For example, violation of blood circulation in penis, alcohol abuse, nervous stress, hormonal imbalance, emotional upset, etc.

Generic Viagra Professional eliminates male impotence and has the following advantages:

  • action for 6 — 8 hours;
  • stimulation of multiple orgasms;
  • relaxation, psychological confidence;
  • rapid absorption of chemical constituents of the drug;
  • restoration of sexual feelings;
  • increased energy and libido.
  • extended time of action up to 8 hours;
  • increased sensitivity of penis;
  • more sensual response to sexual arousal;
  • faster recovery of potency after intimacy;
  • accelerated process of absorption of drug substance into blood;
  • ability to combine with light alcohol.

Viagra professional details

Generic Viagra Professional is easy to use. Just follow Canadian Pharmacy Mall instructions and you will get the best result:

  • take generic Viagra Professional orally, with a full glass of water;
  • take the drug 20 — 30 minutes before sexual intercourse;
  • generic Viagra Professional can be taken with or without food.

Although generic Viagra Professional is considered a safe and reliable drug against erectile dysfunction, but you still need specialist advice. Tell your doctor about your health, tell if you have had vision problems (such as retinal pigmentary dystrophy), heart disease, kidney disease, cardiac angina, high or low blood pressure, blood stroke, heart attacks or other heart problems, and allergy to sildenafil.

Side Effects

Generic Viagra Professional gives the desired result, but like most medicines, it can cause side effects. Not necessarily this will happen to you, just keep in mind that this is possible. As a rule, all negative consequences proceed unnoticed and soon disappear by themselves. Among side effects of generic Viagra Professional there are:

  • dizziness;
  • nausea;
  • redness;
  • headache;
  • nasal congestion;
  • diarrhea;
  • itching;
  • rash.

Less common are:

  • allergies (shortness of breath, spasm of throat, swelling of lips, tongue, face, urticaria fever);
  • chest pain;
  • heart rhythm disturbance;
  • swelling of legs or ankles;
  • prolonged dizziness;
  • painful erection.

According to Canadian Pharmacy Mall these side effects are mild and temporary, so they should not cause pain or discomfort. But if this happens, stop taking Viagra Professional and immediately consult a doctor.

Important Information about Viagra Professional

  • Generic Viagra Professional has undergone clinical trials, and its effect should occur during aforementioned period. If you take the drug with fatty foods, then it will work with a slight delay.
  • It is not forbidden to drink one or two glasses of wine at a party, but keep in mind that it is not recommended to abuse alcohol because it slows therapeutic effect.
  • And last but not least. Never double the dose. If initial dosage gives positive result, then do not increase it, because effect will be the same. However, this will lead to negative consequences. If you are unhappy with effect of the drug, consult a doctor and, if necessary, adjust dosage.

Singultation: What to Do?

Canadian Health and Care Mall defines singultation as a nonspecific violation of function of external respiration, which occurs as a result of a series of convulsive trembling contractions of the diaphragm and is subjectively manifested in unpleasant short and intense respiratory movements. It sometimes appears in healthy people for no apparent reason and, as a rule, is a harmless, rapidly stopping phenomenon.

Singultation can occur in the following circumstances:

  • general cooling (especially in young children), especially at alcoholic intoxication.
  • overstretching of the stomach (overfilling it with food). According to experts, such involuntary muscle contractions can come from esophagus. Disturbances of swallowing and stuck food in esophagus provoke spasms in the place where esophagus passes into stomach.
  • when diaphragmatic nerve is irritated. The so-called «ordinary» singultation is manifestation of a nervous tic. This occurs under the influence of diaphragmatic nerve, which for unknown reasons transmits excitation to the muscles of diaphragm. As a result, uncontrolled spasms occur.

Hiccups may also be a symptom of certain diseases, for example, in the case of diaphragm irritation at inflammatory process in abdominal cavity. Sometimes it becomes long and painful. Hiccups occur at certain diseases of brain and spinal cord, and can also occur at myocardial infarction, infectious diseases and mental agitation.

In cases of prolonged, persistent singultation, it is necessary to consult a doctor who will determine its cause and prescribe treatment. With development of renal insufficiency, there may also be constant or periodic singultation. It can be the result of development of abscess or tumor in the chest, diaphragm or esophagus. Some people have singultation due to psychological reasons, it resembles reactions at transient paralysis in soldiers who are afraid of fighting. In such cases, singultation is unconscious and reflect desire to avoid very unpleasant events. Some people suffer singultation in postoperative period, which can be a reaction to pain medications.


Symptoms of singultation:

  • sharp contractions of diaphragm, accompanied by brief inhalations and simultaneous protrusion of abdomen;
  • singultation are accompanied by compressed sounds, which are associated with sharp passage of air through closed vocal chink.

Forms of Singultation

Singultation can be physiological (not caused by any diseases) and pathological (abnormal).

Physiological singultation occurs in healthy people. It lasts for a short time (5 — 15 minutes) and does not bring discomfort, it usually disappears by itself.

Pathological singultation may be long- (lasting several hours and even days) and short-term (several minutes). The cause of its occurrence is most often pathological conditions.

According to origin of singultation there are several types:

  • «central» — develops at the defeat of brain and spinal cord, craniocerebral trauma, hysteria (mental illness), certain mental disorders (depression, manic-depressive syndrome), diseases of nervous system (brain and spinal cord tumors);
  • «peripheral» — is observed at lesion of diaphragmatic (originating from spinal cord at the level of cervical vertebrae and controlling diaphragm) and vagus nerves (originating from lower parts of brain and partially controlling esophagus, stomach, intestines and heart);
  • «toxic» — occurs on the background of various poisoning (poisonous mushrooms, stale products, medicines, etc.);
  • «reflected» — is observed at intestinal diseases — enteritis (inflammation of small intestine), enterocolitis (inflammation of large intestine), parasitic diseases (ascarids, pinworms).

What is the reason for this phenomenon? Despite significant achievements of medicine for many years of its existence, there is still no reliable treatment for these minor spasms that cause a person to produce indecent sounds. But do not worry, there are several ways to solve this problem.

To get rid of singultation, you need to stop the spasms of diaphragm and esophagus. This can be done either by distraction or by breathing techniques. Usually this is enough.

When singultation does not stop, you make great efforts to make it disappear. You focus on your chest and deliberately strain diaphragm. But, straining and trying to suppress the next attack of singultation, you only complicate the situation.

Canadian Health and Care Mall recommends to undergo examination in the following cases:

  • if singultation lasts more than an hour;
  • if attacks of singultation occur several times a day or several days a week;
  • if, in addition to hiccups, you have chest pain, heartburn or swallowing disorders.

If you often have singultation or its attacks last for a long time, your doctor may prescribe X-ray examination after taking barium mixture to identify any obstruction in esophagus. To eliminate singultation that is permanent and not associated with any mechanical obstruction in esophagus, the doctor may prescribe certain medications, depending on what your disorders are related to.

Meldonium — Use in Sports

Meldonium in sport is one of the most discussed topics in international and domestic media. This drug, once included in the list of substances allowed for athletes, is officially recognized as doping by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). Meanwhile, the majority of Canadian Health&Care Mall scientists and experts in sports nutrition do not agree with the decision of this organization and consider Meldonium an innocuous medicine, not related to stimulants of physical activity.

General Information, History of Creation

The drug is a metabolic drug known in medicine as «Mildronate». Action of Meldonium on the body — stimulating and protective: the substance normalizes work of cells that have undergone hypoxia (oxygen deficiency) or nutritional deficiency.

In medicine, the drug is used quite widely: for example, it is a part of complex drug therapy for coronary heart disease (ischemic heart disease), heart attacks and cardiac insufficiency.

Meldonium was obtained in the 1970s in Latvian SSR at the Institute of Organic Synthesis. Initially, the product was patented as a stimulant for growth of domestic animals and birds and was used in agriculture and industry. The creator of the drug Professor Ivars Kalviņš claims that the idea of using Meldonium in medicine arose after its long use in other industries.

In 1984, the drug was patented in the United States, but a few years later it was banned for use. Mildronate analogs exist in the US, but it is almost impossible to get them in conventional pharmacies, although in medicine effectiveness of Meldonium is not doubted by doctors and pharmacists.


Use in Sports

Meldonium in bodybuilding and in sports is used not for a long time. Most athletes until recently treated the drug as vitamin that does not affect athletic performance. The doping scandal with Meldonium changed the attitude to the medicine in sports. Now the substance is officially classified as class of hormones and modulators of metabolism, and its use is prohibited during competitions themselves and during preparation for them.

Why do athletes take Meldonium? Domestic and some foreign experts in sports nutrition and pharmacology, as well as Canadian Health&Care Mall specialists, argue that Meldonium has always been used by athletes as a means to adapt to increased stress and accelerate rehabilitation after heavy training, but has never been taken to stimulate and increase physical abilities.

Doping Scandal and Its Analysis

Meldonium is on the list of banned drugs since January 1, 2016 (before that the substance was on the monitoring list of international committee). Now, for use of this substance during official competitions athletes can be disqualified for 4 years.

Doping scandal in sport began with confession of Maria Sharapova in application of Meldonium for 10 years. According to famous tennis player, she took medicine for medical purposes.

After that, a few more athletes (mainly from the CIS countries) were also convicted of using the drug. The list of athletes in whom Meldonium was revealed is very extensive. There is no need to quote all the names (there are more than 60 of them on the list), besides participants in the scandal do not agree with conclusions of doping commission.

The opinion of the creator of the medication of Professor Kalviņš is unequivocal: substance is not doping by definition. Medical means, which contain Meldonium, are used in therapy of cardiac pathologies: there is no scientific evidence of influence of this component on person’s physical capabilities.

Such studies have simply not been carried out, but in theory, athletes taking Mildronate or its analogs should expect worsening in the results, since active substance slows down (inhibits) oxidation of fatty acids. The decision of Anti-Doping Commission Ivars Kalviņš considers a serious professional mistake.


Not all specialists agree with the statement that Meldonium is doping and affects increase in performance in athletes. But there is a number of undeniable factors concerning this drug. Canadian Health&Care Mall decided to list the most important of them:

  • the drug is used as an effective medicine for heart diseases and some other pathologies;
  • full-scale studies confirming effect of the drug (or lack thereof) on endurance have not been conducted. This casts doubt on WADA’s unequivocal conclusions about presence of pronounced doping properties in Meldonium;
  • healthy people should refrain from unauthorized use of Mildronate as a stimulant for physical and mental stress;
  • the drug positively affects health of athletes with medical problems of cardiovascular nature, but does not guarantee victory in competitions.

It is clear that until the end of doping scandal Meldonium and its counterparts are not recommended for athletes. But people to whom it is prescribed by qualified doctors should continue therapy without fear of negative consequences.

My Canadian Pharmacy Best Medications

Alesse birth control is a contraceptive means for oral administration. The main active substance is synthetic gestagen levonorgestrel — derivative of nortestosterone. As estrogenic component, synthetic estrogen ethinyl estradiol is used, which enhances contraceptive effect of levonorgestrel. Ethinyl estradiol when administered orally is 100 times more active than natural estradiol.

Contraceptive effect of Alesse consists of several mechanisms:

  • suppression of ovulation, mechanism of which appears due to inhibition of production of follicle-stimulating and luteinizing hormones at the level of hypothalamic-pituitary system;
  • inhibitory effect on ovaries by feedback type;
  • slowing of peristalsis of fallopian tubes, preventing penetration of the egg into uterine cavity;
  • anti-implantation effect due to early secretory transformation of endometrium;
  • increasing of viscosity of cervical mucus, making it difficult for sperm to penetrate uterus.

alesse birth control

According to Canadian HealthCare Mall data, such combination of pharmacological effects makes it possible to provide a high degree of reliability of hormonal contraception with Pearl index of 0,2 — 0,3.


It is used as a means of contraception and regulation of menstrual cycle in reproductive age. Eliminates manifestations of ovulatory and premenstrual syndromes.

Side Effects

Due to low dosage of hormones, the drug is tolerated well by the majority of women.

The most often observed Alesse side effects: mood swings, nausea, vomiting, headaches. It should be noted that such phenomena are most often observed in the first 2-3 months of admission and disappear with a longer application.

Other Effects

  • Central and peripheral nervous system: intracranial hypertension, bulbospinal paralysis, emotional lability, fast fatigue.
  • Cardiovascular system: thrombophilia.
  • Digestive system: flatulence.
  • Reproductive system: metrorrhagia, tension and enlargement of mammary glands, changes in libido.
  • Sense organs: intolerance to contact lenses.
  • Dermatological manifestations: chloasma, erythema nodosum.
  • Allergic reactions.

Canadian Health and Care Mall advises to stop administration of Alesse:

  • in case of first occurring, increased or intensified migraine-like headaches, with acute worsening of visual acuity, with suspicion of thrombosis or miacardial infarction;
  • in case of sharp increase in blood pressure, with development of jaundice or hepatitis without jaundice, in case of intense itching throughout the body, with occurrence or more frequent epileptic seizures;
  • in case of planned surgery (6 weeks before surgery), with prolonged immobilization (for example, after injuries) and during pregnancy.

Avana – New Solution of Erectile Dysfunction

Many men even at a young age are familiar with such serious problem as erectile dysfunction. Reasons for this can be numerous, ranging from stress and chronic fatigue, ending with various diseases. Fortunately, in most cases this problem can be eliminated by drug therapy. Avana Canadian (generic Stendra) is an effective solution to problems with potency.

Canadian Avana

Active component of the drug – avanafil – is an inhibitor of phosphodiesterase-5, which narrows vessels of cavernous bodies of penis. When it is blocked, smooth muscles of vascular walls relax, which leads to increased blood flow to male sexual organ and appearance of persistent erection. Effect of the drug is manifested only at the time of sexual stimulation, which is undoubted advantage. If romantic date did not take place, then a man will not feel discomfort associated with spontaneous erection. In addition to increasing potency, the drug increases duration of sexual intercourse and makes orgasms more vivid.

Instruction for Stendra (Avana Canada) indicates dosage of the drug. In most cases, 50 mg or 100 mg is sufficient. In older men and people with diseases of digestive system, dosage should be halved. If standard dosage is not sufficient, then it can be increased to 200 mg.

Undoubted advantage of Canadian Health Mall Stendra is possibility of its combination with fatty foods and small doses of alcohol. Action of Avana pills begins 30 minutes after receiving and lasts for 4 – 6 hours.

Avana Canadian is contraindicated at hyper- and hypotension, decompensated diseases of internal organs, chronic pathology during exacerbation, men who have recently suffered blood stroke or heart attack, with epilepsy and under the age of 18.

Frequency of side effects is minimal, and is associated, as a rule, with excess dosage of the drug. If unpleasant phenomena do arise, then it is necessary to reduce dosage of Stendra.

PS: Avana is a fairly new inhibitor of PDE-5, but already approved by the US FDA, so its generics are still not numerous and they are much more expensive than analogues for potency. According to characteristics, Stendra is similar to vardenafil, which you can try without extra costs. Of course, for a certain percentage of men it is generic Stendra that can give the best effect, as with every other inhibitor of PDE-5.

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5 Reasons Preventing Weight Loss by Canadian Health and Care Mall

1. Unbearable Number of Limitations

Many people believe – to reduce weight, it is necessary to almost stop eating. Doctors, agreeing with necessity to reduce ration, understand diet also as a certain selection of products (not their complete elimination) and correct meals regimen.

Experience of nutritionists convinces: it is very difficult to move from usual amount of food to a smaller – this is the reason of many failed attempts. It is necessary to approach the matter realistically and make adjustments gradually: with usual volume to reduce calories. Abrupt transition to mono-diet (watermelon, grapefruit or any other) on the third day already may cause attention and ability to think clearly disruption.

And, on the other hand, we all know that almost no diet gives result, we look forward. So maybe solve question of nutrition in a new way, enjoying every bite of food, enjoying sweets?weight loss with Canadian Health&Care Mall

2. Reduced Number of Meals

Reduced number of meals leads to severe feeling of hunger. As a result, when eating, a person consumes a much larger quantity than his body requires, and for two meals eats more than for five.

Besides the fact that you can gain back calories, your body during large interval between meals, just in case, will slow down metabolism. And with slow metabolism, do you think you will lose weight?

So, on the contrary, try to eat more often, but small portions. Do not allow yourself to relapse. Enjoy the fact that you do not starve and lose weight. Moreover, small – does not mean miserable. And if properly calculate calories per day, quantity of food can be much larger than you can imagine.

3. Diet Exacerbates Diseases

Without consulting a nutritionist, a man appoints himself dietary restrictions, without taking into account his diseases, and eventually gets worsening.

Fresh vegetables – main component of many diets – are poorly tolerated at gastritis, gastric ulcer and pancreatitis. In people who almost do not consume fat, content of not only «harmful» cholesterol decreases in blood, but also its useful forms that protect blood vessels from atherosclerosis.

According to Canadian Health and Care Mall studies, periodic attempts to lose weight lead to dysfunction of immune system: reducing number of the so-called natural killer cells – blood cells responsible for destruction of microbes entering the body. At the same time, the more often people attempt to lose weight (every few weeks), the lesser quantity of these protective cells remain in blood. After all, it is important not just to lose weight, but stay healthy, beautiful and slim for many years.

4. Weight Stopped Decreasing – it’s Time to Cease

Typically, during the first week or two there is a most significant weight reduction, and then a person can lose only 200 – 500 g per week. After initial success it seems almost a failure.

But nutritionists strongly against speed. Nervous system and brain need food. Far better and safer for future is gradual weight reduction – not more than 5 – 6 kg per month.

So do not give up what you’ve started. After some rest continue to lose weight with as fast as comfortable for your body. Gradually you will become the same as in you dreams.

5. Lack of Physical Activity

Usually, when keeping to a diet, all people concentrate on food and forget about physical exercises. Meanwhile, calories that enter the body, albeit in lesser quantity, still have to be burnt, and they are burnt during exercises. Dosed exercise strongly contribute to the fact that adipose tissue is actively replaced by muscle tissue.

And Canadian Pharmacy Mall experts draw your attention to the fact that physical activity is not necessarily gym. There are many opportunities to move around. Ideally, you must try to find regimen, which may be followed continuously, not considering it a diet and without spending on its compliance your nerves.

In general, Canadian Health and Care Mall research shows that 75% of women consider themselves fat, but in reality diet is necessary for only 25%.

And if you decide to lose weight with Canadian HealthCare Mall – do not give up. Simply find your way to harmony.

Acne is Not a Sentence

Acne is familiar to many people. Someone faced this problem as a teenager, and someone is suffering after many years. This ugly disease with a beautiful name has caused a huge number of complexes and worries. However, despair is not an option, especially since there are enough reliable means by Canadian Health and Care Mall to help to defeat the illness.

Know Your Enemy

According to ancient legend, in Crete a priestess Acne lived, whose face was covered with red spots and scars. Her doctor has first described disease symptoms and named it after the patient.

As a rule, boys and girls suffer from acne during puberty. At this time there is enhanced production of hormones in the body, particularly testosterone, which is immediately reflected on skin. Sebaceous glands begin to actively produce sebum, which clogs sebaceous channels and a black spot appears – comedone. If to this a secondary infection (staphylococcus or streptococcus) is added, there is an inflammation and a red and then festering pimple.

Canadian Health&Care Mall skin care

The most problematic are considered face, chest and back – those areas where there is the greatest number of sebaceous glands.

Start Treatment on Time

In most cases, compliance with simple rules of hygiene and minimal therapeutic measures is enough to prevent acne on your face. The main thing at the first red spots is to immediately consult a doctor. The sooner you do it, the more effective the treatment will be. However, you can quite successfully fight with annoying pimples on your own using Canadian Pharmacy Mall means for skin care.

No Holds Barred

First – it is proper nutrition. Eliminate smoked, fried and sweet, fatty and fast food. On your table there should be steamed lean meats, fish, cheese, cereals and vegetables, and for dessert – fruits.

Second – proper skin care. Do not pop pimples, wash your face twice a day with special cleaners or anti-bacterial soap, but do not overdry your skin. Even oily skin can be dehydrated, so to moisturizing agents – «yes», to oily ones – categorical «no». Use makeup that says «non-comedogenic», which means it does not clog sebaceous glands, and does not cause formation of comedones.

There is a number of Canadian Health and Care Mall means that effectively fight with acne. For example, antiseptic means which help with purulent inflammatory diseases, folliculitis, abscesses, furunculus, carbuncles. Like any other means, they should be applied to thoroughly cleansed skin, directly on the inflamed area 1 – 2 times a day.

All these measures will help to prevent appearance of new pimples and significantly reduce duration of treatment, and in some cases even save you from medical intervention.

Let acne remain only a beautiful word your life, not threatening your beauty.

Canadian Health&Care Mall about Right-Sided Native-Valve Endocarditis Caused by Actinobadllus actinomycetemcomitans: Disscusion

endocarditisThe presentation of this case of endocarditis due to A actinomycetemcomitans is typical for this organism. Septicemia with this organism is essentially always associated with endothelial infection, and an abnormal echocardiogram confirmed the diagnosis of endocarditis; however, all previously published cases of native valvular infections with this organism involved the left-sided cardiac valves. In these patients, major emboli were common, occurring in approximately 50 percent of the cases, with cerebral emboli in about
Continue reading “Canadian Health&Care Mall about Right-Sided Native-Valve Endocarditis Caused by Actinobadllus actinomycetemcomitans: Disscusion”

Canadian Health&Care Mall: Right-Sided Native-Valve Endocarditis Caused by Actinobadllus Actinomycetemcomitans

Actinobadllus actinomycetemcomitansActinobadllus actinomycetemcomitans is an uncommon cause of endocarditis. This organism is a slow-growing, fastidious Cram-negative bacillus normally found in the oral cavity. Approximately 50 cases of endocarditis due to A actinomycetemcomitans have been reported since the first case report in 1964, all involving the native left-sided cardiac valves or prosthetic cardiac valves. The purpose of this report is to document a case of right-sided endocarditis occurring on a native valve due to A actinomycetemcomitans and to stress the value of two-dimensional echocardiographic studies over standard M-mode techniques in the routine assessment of patients with suspected endocarditis.
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